Working through: Mike & Kelly

Over three years of study at the School of Creative Arts we learnt and experienced incredible teaching and training which wasn’t just classroom based trained but it was a way that impacted on us practically. We now see the world from a different angle – with all its opportunities and difficulties. This has helped us and developed us into leaders where we in turn can help coach other creative people as well.

Since 2009 we have been music directors in London and we supervise a production team. It has meant we’ve been involved in leading a variety of creative team members – not just musicians, but artists, media and audio production people. We have also continued to perform around Europe and at different locations around London. As well we have been continuing to write new songs.

The material in Living With A Creative Mind has helped us work through disappointments, depression, being our own harshest critcs, and balancing creativity while working in different industries to pay the bills, without shutting down our creativity down. We’ve also learned how to bring structure into our creativity, which in turn provides freedom and takes off some of the pressure that we put on ourselves to constantly be creative.

Right now we are constantly developing our creativity and benefiting from living with creative minds.