Unique: Heather

For a long time I did not even realize that there was such a thing as a ‘creative mind’ let alone that one needed to learn how to live with it. Honestly I was certain everyone thought exactly the same way. I thought it was normal to crave drama to the point of sabotaging relationships, I thought it was regular to constantly choose fabulous fantasies over reality and I definitely believed that ‘nine to five’ was a depressing notion for all. I resided in an overly dramatic, often bizarre, spontaneous, commitment-phobic head space and I was certain that the rest of the world resided there too. Apparently not!

Studying under Jeff and Julie Crabtree led me to understand that I was indeed an artistic person with a unique ‘creative mind’. This is a revelation that has certainly changed the way I view my personal make-up, relationships, creative endeavours and spiritual life. I now believe that to tame my artistic visions and expressions is to deny my true person. I’ve discovered that though creative stimulation is necessary, it can be accumulated without destroying relationships. I’ve learnt to embrace reality whilst avoiding the downward spirals of depression that occur in the mundane. But most of all, Jeff and Julie have empowered me to understand that my vivid imagination is not a ‘escapist curse’ but rather a precious gift.

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