Normal: Dee

There were days… days when the edges of my view seemed to be darkened, clouded with a nameless anxiety, a depression almost.

No one told me it was normal.

There are still times, when sound and noise become oppressive… when the ability to think evaporates in the midst of auditory overwhelm. No one told me this was normal either… I was just a strange chick who was over sensitive to everyday noise.

Normal? Maybe not normal for everyone… but normal if you’re creative. In my experience of learning from Jeff and Julie I have discovered that emotional highs and low and skinlessness (over sensitivity to external stimuli) are features of having a creative mind.

Let’s not get into a conversation about how I finally accepted that I am creative, that’s a story for another day, but having got in touch with my creative self, and learning just what having a creative mind means in my every day life and in my emotional world, I actually feel like I’m ok.

Normal even.

Well… you know, normal… for a creative.