New Thinking: Maja

Being exposed to Jeff and Julie’s teaching has broadened my perspective and knowledge of the arts. Their passion and love for high standard artistic works was transposed to their students through their out-of-the-box thinking and teaching methods. It was both a challenge and a delight to be receiving such valuable information inevitably creating a whole new way of thinking for me.

Having been in multiple creative cultures, Jeff and Julie were amongst the few with the ability to pinpoint specific features in artists that define and explain why we are how we are. Their knowledge and ability to explain such concepts are defined by who Jeff is as a musician and Julie’s experience as a psychologist – even though they aren’t limited by these careers.

Anyone privileged enough to receive some of this precious insight to a creative mind should pay close attention and attempt to gain as much information as possible. Jeff is a creative artist who discusses and understands that each individual is quite unique with something special to offer. Julie is a psychologist with a special love for creative people.

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