Embrace the Ridiculous: Kate

It wasn’t until I listened to Jeff and Julie talk on creativity that my mind was opened to new thoughts on process; lifestyle; resolution. My worldview was given a space to voice itself. It was like opening a can of worms. An environment stuffed full of creatives is an interesting place. They likened it to herding a bunch of cats. But what I got out of this time was an understanding to be aware of the creativeness and embrace the ridiculousness. Below are some thoughts on creativity and processes that I took away with me and have held close to my heart as I travel on my way through life.

Creativity is not something learned but something that’s directed, inspired and held loosely for others to shape and include into their world.

It’s a chain reaction of inspiration that comes from something first inspiring the creative playfulness. You have to learn not to hold on too tight and if you completely let go there will be someone else somewhere picking it up – it’s a community. It’s relational. It’s living.

Anyone who works out of their true creativity honestly cannot help but cause change. Touch hearts; open that place inside that is endless with possibilities. Like a ripple effect it’s what you do with that emotion/thought/idea that counts for creative action.