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Learning to live as a creative person within the 9 – 5 pressure of the day-to-day is the creative’s greatest challenge. Society tells us to stay within the lines, to play by the rules and protect our boundaries – while simultaneously, as creatives, we’re trying to live in the moment, follow our hearts and think outside the square!

As a creative person, our greatest strength is also simultaneously our greatest weakness. The fact that I am creative gives me great power of expression, but it means I often lack the focus and drive to express it completely.

So how do we do it? What’s the secret? How do we master the eternal dichotomy of the creative mind – living within a box while forever thinking outside of it! The principles that Jeff and Julie Crabtree uncovered for me in Living With A Creative Mind made it understandable and achievable for me.

As a full-time graphic designer and part-time, professional singer, I have found embracing my own contradictions and applying certain personal disciplines to be my ‘secret to success’. Graphic designers need to be creative to a deadline – they need to be organised and methodical, while simultaneously expressing themselves artistically. Singers as well, need be rehearsed and proficient, but also train themselves to stay unaffected by life’s ‘stuff’, so as to express themselves as freely as possible.

Of course, it’s possible to be creative without personal discipline – anyone can pick up a brush and create – but to be truly effective, you need to understand your own ups and downs. There are disciplines that harness the power of your creativity, and channel it into true, focused expression.

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  • Hi, my youngest daughter Angelica is a very creative 13 year old girl. She refuses to go to school because for her it is a waste of her time. I wanted to know if you have a group that could help her focus on her creative side and be able to have a productive days or even years of her life.
    Hoping for an immediate response.
    Thank you.
    Regards, Christina Onate

    • Hi Christina,

      Having just read ‘Living with a Creative Mind’ I decided to check out this website, hence finding your post.
      The reason I read the book is because we have a son, now 27 who is creative. His journey through adolescence was extremely challenging for both him and us as parents.
      Like your daughter he started school refusal behaviour in the early years of secondary school. He would only attend art sessions.Unfortunately he started using cannabis around this time which affected his health and motivation.I used to encourage him to be involved in any art projects available but these were limited in a sports-focussed country town.With our encouragement, he left school in year 10 and completed the Diploma of Visual Arts at TAFE.
      He relocated to the city a few years ago which was difficult as he had problems finding work which fitted his skills and abilities.However,
      I can finally say that he has now found where he belongs and is happy.
      He is working in a non-creative unskilled day job to pay the bills but devotes his spare time to his creative pursuits and has a creative group of like-minded people around him.
      In hindsight, I think that our son needed to have this journey to find where he fits. It is not easy for creative minds.

  • Hello Christina,
    Sorry it’s been a while since you posted.
    I just thought I would comment from my own life and of my daughter’s, who is half the age of yours. I have found that being able to explore creative expression in whatever form or way is possible can make a huge difference. Classes wouldn’t seem as dull when they are part of almost a balanced diet in activities and interests. The more the school or teachers are creative themselves the more they can connect with the learner and make anything interesting. We’ve tried a couple of different schools for my daughter and things have just come into place for a possitive learning environment. This includes peers and friendships and what ever clubs or groups they can be involved in. I have learnt to listen, because the creative heart is a delicate one, one that feels and hears others more strongly and deeply. So prayers and guidance, may God lead us on the path He has, with the people He would surround us with, for the most joyful and exciting learning. The journey is the destination, so finding the fruitful fit along the way, may be just the confidence and strengthening for the creative life emerging ahead.

    All the best Christina and Angelica, may it be a beautiful and colourful life ahead.

    From Sue.

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