Crazy Beautiful: Sam

For a married couple, trying to be united in mind and heart, we’ve both approached our creativity from two very different places.

One of us has used it as one of the main driving forces behind our career. The other simply enjoys exploring it as an expression of life. Yet both of us have found that there is something so freeing in understanding the creative mind. Why you think the way you do. Why your spouse goes off on random tangents of imagination. And, more importantly, how to reconcile the differences in the way two individual minds process the world around them.

The work of Jeff and Julie has taught us so much. As a result we’ve come to learn that there is a moment when something sparks, and you realize that perhaps your crazy way of looking at things isn’t just strange, but maybe, just maybe, it’s beautiful as well. From that place, our relationship has grown, as has our patience and understanding of each other. It’s a journey to be sure, but Jeff and Julie have helped set us on the path.

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