Balance: Evelyn

Creative people can sometimes be susceptible to an internal tug of war between the purity of their craft; it’s organic creative expression, and monetary success – as if the two are somehow diametrically opposed. This tug of war can also have in tow the questions of where your creative gifts belong and whether we should rely on spiritual things or just the skill in the use of our gift. These conflicts seem to reinforce a widely accepted belief that artists tend to err in being self focused, quite introspective, maybe a little flighty, and generally just very different from the “average” person.

I know that the principles in Living With A Creative Mind (amongst many other things) have helped me find a balance and perspective with these conflicts. They have helped me shift my focus beyond my self without being abased in the process.

I learnt that as an artist, I could be excellent; I could be pure in my creativity and be successful; I could work with the Spirit and be skilled, and there didn’t need to be any walls to create boundaries as to where my gift could be used.

So, even though it’s been sometime since I was in those classes, I really feel the principles and skills gained there have helped shape me into who I am to day as a full-time singer, and assist me to remain focused, grounded and purposeful as an artist in an industry where it’s so easy not to be so.

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  • Miss seeing and hearing you at Oxford Falls – there are
    many people that I miss. Would love to hear you sing again. Isn’t the book LWACM a relief – at last I have it
    confirmed that I am normal, even if part of a smaller group?!

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