Understanding: Jasmine

Prior to my time with Jeff and Julie Crabtree, I always found there was never any clear teaching or direction for living as a creatively inclined person. For a number of years, I struggled to find my place in the world and to understand why I am so different from everyone else.

They were the first to really see the creative potential in me and gave me assurance that I was indeed okay, just as I am.

‘Living with a creative mind’ is really more a way of life, rather than a simple teaching or another “self-help” antidote for the creative soul. It has allowed me to break free into the comfort of my own skin and truly understand that I am the way I am for a reason; a very creative reason in fact.

They understand the creative mind better than most people, as they can completely relate from real genuine experience and ignite hope and passion for our “creative futures” with their penetrating insight.

My experience in learning to live with a creative mind has truly been a personal revolution in my world.

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