Seizing Courage: Michelle

The cultural environment that an artist engages in guides the nature of his or her creativity. Because of Jeff and Julie Crabtree, there has been a conceptual shift in my thinking that has not only helped to develop my creativity as an artist but has also been pivotal to my development as a leader.

They have taught me to seize the courage to be an enabler of innovation, to look for new ways to tell stories, entertain, and be mindful that art is a subjective experience. They have also taught me the importance of observation as a skill. This skill, as well as the ability to listen, interact, connect with one’s self and one’s surroundings has been essential to my growth as a creative individual.

Having grown as a director and writer in the culture that Jeff and Julie developed, my aspiration to produce verifiable representations of objective truth in the films I create has surged. I know now that there is no short cut to success and that it is influence that is celebrated. I am now determined to continually hone my creative skills, look fear in the face, remember that failure is never fatal and focus on creating art that is enriching, thought-provoking and that will lend a voice to those who find it hard to put into words how they feel and their invisible realities.