June 27, 2011

Julie’s Research

Curiosity is the driving force behind Julie’s research – curiosity about what makes a creative person creative and about the line between creativity, mental health and mental illness (and if it is in fact a line). These kinds of questions have drawn Julie into her PhD research – which she is conducting through the University of New South Wales in Sydney (one of Australia’s leading research universities). Her research is also being conducted in association with the Black Dog institute (one of Australia’s leading centres for research and treatment into depression and bipolar disorder) and the Schizophrenia Research Institute at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney. For both Jeff and Julie, her investigation is integral to the formation of the central ideas in Living With A Creative Mind. Their book is not based solely on experience and interviews but on empirically developed research.

In August 2011, she will be asking for volunteers (both creative and not so creative) to be a part of her study. So if you are interested, keep checking on this page and register your interest. Julie will be posting updates and interesting aspects of the research that she uncovers, for those who are also curious – and find this area as fascinating as she does.

1 thought on “Julie’s Research

  • Just seen this now. Wow. Back then I could have been very Interesting feedback but I wouldn’t of been ready to open up then. My passion is to reach right into the world of mental health. People get labeled. Drugged. And their lights turned off. Totally wrong. I’m not educated like you are with this (have some pretty raw experience though which is why I read between the lines often in your book. Very very good book). A little discernment in what was what. Etc… yea it’s late for me. So off to bed. People need help in this area. And it breaks my heart the people who are trapped in drugs prescribed by the professionals. Perhaps some need it. But I know a lot don’t. Xxoo

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