Seizing Courage: Michelle

The cultural environment that an artist engages in guides the nature of his or her creativity. Because of Jeff and Julie Crabtree, there has been a conceptual shift in my thinking that has not only helped to develop my creativity as an artist but has also been pivotal to my development as a leader. They[…]

Holistic: Brigid

I owe so much of my current creative freedom, joy and passion to the inspiration and principles I learnt under the guidance of Jeff and Julie Crabtree. It was then that I truly began to understand the value of being holistic in my practice- to care for myself emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually, how to[…]

Belonging: Marla

I always felt like I didn’t belong anywhere: random pictures pop up in my head which usually take me on a journey from Mars to the stripes of bees and the amazing weight of a cloudburst, which falls on a lukewarm summer night- in a millisecond. That changed, when I found out about Jeff and[…]

Acceptance: Jeremy

I think the thing that most impacted me was feeling a sense of acceptance, of who I was, and who I was made to be. I feel a greater sense of satisfaction now. I am operating in ways and modes that previously I would have thought of as irresponsible and unnecessary, but are in fact[…]

Working through: Mike & Kelly

Over three years of study at the School of Creative Arts we learnt and experienced incredible teaching and training which wasn’t just classroom based trained but it was a way that impacted on us practically. We now see the world from a different angle – with all its opportunities and difficulties. This has helped us[…]

Confidence: Lucy

Learning about being a creative person really changed my whole view of myself. I realised I wasn’t crazy or schizophrenic it was just my thought process was unique. Thinking differently and feeling emotional wasn’t just because I was a girl, it was MY process, and learning from Jeff and Julie made me confident in myself[…]

Normal: Dee

There were days… days when the edges of my view seemed to be darkened, clouded with a nameless anxiety, a depression almost. No one told me it was normal. There are still times, when sound and noise become oppressive… when the ability to think evaporates in the midst of auditory overwhelm. No one told me[…]