Balance: Evelyn

Creative people can sometimes be susceptible to an internal tug of war between the purity of their craft; it’s organic creative expression, and monetary success – as if the two are somehow diametrically opposed. This tug of war can also have in tow the questions of where your creative gifts belong and whether we should[…]

Disciplines: Dan

Learning to live as a creative person within the 9 – 5 pressure of the day-to-day is the creative’s greatest challenge. Society tells us to stay within the lines, to play by the rules and protect our boundaries – while simultaneously, as creatives, we’re trying to live in the moment, follow our hearts and think[…]

Embrace the Ridiculous: Kate

It wasn’t until I listened to Jeff and Julie talk on creativity that my mind was opened to new thoughts on process; lifestyle; resolution. My worldview was given a space to voice itself. It was like opening a can of worms. An environment stuffed full of creatives is an interesting place. They likened it to[…]

Crazy Beautiful: Sam

For a married couple, trying to be united in mind and heart, we’ve both approached our creativity from two very different places. One of us has used it as one of the main driving forces behind our career. The other simply enjoys exploring it as an expression of life. Yet both of us have found[…]

Valuable: Melinda

The truth we learned from Jeff and Julie Crabtree, was something we already knew, but not sure we believed it: a creative mind is valuable. There have been many times in our lives where we wished that we were wired in a more practical, linear way. That’s not us. We both have a creative mind,[…]

New Thinking: Maja

Being exposed to Jeff and Julie’s teaching has broadened my perspective and knowledge of the arts. Their passion and love for high standard artistic works was transposed to their students through their out-of-the-box thinking and teaching methods. It was both a challenge and a delight to be receiving such valuable information inevitably creating a whole[…]

Unique: Heather

For a long time I did not even realize that there was such a thing as a ‘creative mind’ let alone that one needed to learn how to live with it. Honestly I was certain everyone thought exactly the same way. I thought it was normal to crave drama to the point of sabotaging relationships,[…]

Keys: Rex

During my time at SCA with Jeff and Julie, they helped me to learn to live 24/7 in who I am, where I am, what I can do, when I have to start, where I have to stop, which areas are my strengths, what are my weaknesses, where my comfort zone is and what my[…]