March 29, 2012

A Warm Welcome to APRA Members

…to your exclusive access to LIVING WITH A CREATIVE MIND.

LIVING WITH A CREATIVE MIND is an operating handbook for the creative person…
…and for their friends, family and colleagues. This is not just another book about how to be more creative, it is a book about how to survive the experience.

The stories of those in the music and entertainment industries living uncontrollable lives of excess are now a staple of the gossip and celebrity magazines. They are full of tales of the outrageous and the inevitable consequences: broken relationships and damaged lives. The ‘artistic temperament’ has now entered the cultural mainstream. While our work may be admired, musicians and songwriters are often dismissed as self-indulgent or undisciplined. In some circles the term creative is tinged with contempt.

Drawn from the latest research – combined with their own experiences, including a 16 year tenure as the head of a music and arts college: Living With A Creative Mind is a bold new way of understanding songwriters, and creative people of all disciplines – and what it is they are trying to do all their lives. Inside the cover of this book are the experiences of a lifetime, and the thoughts of successful songwriters and artists from around the world on how they live with their gift, and how they have not just survived but triumphed – both personally and creatively.

Jeff Crabtree is an APRA member and songwriter/performer. Julie Crabtree is a psychologist in private practice in Sydney. Jeff’s current project is the composition and production of the score for an LA based feature film. Julie’s current project is a PhD in creativity and mental health.

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Our e-shop is powered by PayPal, even if you don’t have a PayPal account we accept all major credit cards. The book delivers to your door in 3 working days (for Australian customers).

Our normal price to the public is $39.30 including GST, postage and handling. The APRA member price is $31.31 including, GST postage and handling. This is a discount of 25% off the book cover price, equating to a total of 20% including Postage and Handling.

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